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Fraz Milne is a Toronto songwriter/guitarist whose independent releases, Fraz/Hear & Fraz Milne/The Grey Area, continue to delight listeners with his colourful, eclectic songs inspired by bands like Wilco, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Flaming Lips and Neil Young-while following his own muse.
A former founding member of Toronto Prog favourites Banana Moon, Fraz continues to build on a sound that is uniquely his own while trying to reach others through his music & live shows.

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The story goes...

As guitarist & occasional singer for Toronto prog-rock staple Banana Moon 1984-'94 who enjoyed a solid following through inspired performances & solid compositions as the band developed. Started with composer Charlie Ringas on Drums & Fraz along with bassist Cam Walker and jazz pianist George McFetdridge. Over their ten years together they would evolve through three recordings with Fraz and Charlie being the constants. The addition of Phil Duncan (former bandmate of Fraz's from the jam band Jellyboy Hoof) on keyboards/vocals brought them closer to a sound that made for their last and best received release-Ecoutéz Bien. 

Seeking a way to satisfy his own hunger for accessible, yet creative rock music, his debut Fraz/Hear became a labour of love that grew into an eclectic melting pot of inspired material, created over several years.

Following the release of Hear in 2001, Frazmosis was formed from 2003-04. They won over audiences with memorable performances and brilliant live renditions of the songs from Hear CD as well as new material as it came about. 

An unexpected arm injury lead Fraz towards taking a break from playing and a return to writing that eventually brought about Fraz Milne/The Grey Area in 2015. A soft release and some limited solo shows marked the return to playing live.


Fraz also explored brave new worlds through 2013/14 with Buddha Jack an improvisational jam trio inspired by modern electronic beats & live organic grooves-allowing Fraz to really develop as both writer and electric guitarist which was rewarding but short lived. Fraz also teamed up with former Banana Moon members Phil, Charlie and Cam creating music through 2020-expect to hear recordings of that soon.

Fraz returned to what he loves doing best in 2016/17-putting on great live band events through 2016/17, which included his old Frazmosis bandmate-Robin Latimer on Bass and Chris Bender on drums/vocals. A New Trio formed in 2019 allowing for some great live  versions of Fraz's songs and the chance to work up new material. A fresh new approach to his usually colourfully arranged renditions and great jam moments. With C-19 comes a whole new challenge for every musician, but Fraz remains dedicated to a new release very soon and hopefully many more shows.

The music continues to unfold...

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“This will be my best release yet-as most of the songs are constant favourites live."

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