A musician's songwriter.

Fraz Milne is a Toronto songwriter & guitar player with a love for melodic rock & pop music. Presently trying to finish recordings that will make his the third release and a new lineup which includes Chris Bender is expected to be playing live soon... We'll keep you posted 

The story goes... 

As former guitarist & occasional singer for Toronto prog-rock staples Banana Moon 1984-'94 Fraz contributed in helping the band gain a solid following through inspired performances & solid compositions as the band developed. Banana Moon was started by composer Charlie Ringas on Drums & Fraz along with bassist Cam Walker and jazz pianist George McFetridge. Over their ten years together they would evolve through three recordings with Fraz and Charlie being the constants. The addition of Phil Duncan (former bandmate of Fraz's from the jam band Jellyboy Hoof) on keyboards/vocals brought them closer to a sound that made for their last and best received album - Ecoutéz Bien.

While seeking a way to satisfy his own hunger for mature, yet accessible rock music, the Hear CD became a labour of love that grew into an eclectic melting pot of inspired material. With 11 stellar tracks on Hear, he was able to finally define a sound that's all his own after solid 2 years in 3 studios with the best musicians he could find.

Because he wanted to be part of a band moving forward, Frazmosis was formed from 2003-04. They won over audiences one show at a time with memorable performaces and brilliant live renditions of the songs from Hear CD as well as new material as it came about. Some of these songs became the early additions to what would be the Grey Area Demos during a hiatus from the band.

An unexpected break from playing due to an arm injury in 2010 lead Fraz towards trance & chill music, influencing Walter yGo.  

Writing and a return to recording during this period brought about more new material & finally recording The Grey Area CD. 

Expressing a deep appreciation for electronic music Fraz also explored brave new worlds through 2013/14 with Buddah Jack an improvisational jam trio inspired by modern electronic beats & live organic grooves. This allowed Fraz to really stretch out as both writer and electric guitarist which was rewarding but short lived.

Over the last few years you'd be likely to see Fraz playing the occasional solo acoustic show or appearing at one of the many open mics in the Toronto area. 

Fraz is now back to what he loves doing best-putting on great live shows with the Fraz Milne Electrical Band through 2016/17 and a NEW Trio in 2019. Allowing for more stripped down versions of Fraz's electric songs, a fresh new approach to his usually colourfully arranged recordings brings the focus on solid grooves, tight changes, harmonies and respect for the songs and the audience.

The story continues to unfold...