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Fraz Milne - The Grey Area

Released in July 2015, This sophomore release represents a period of personal discovery, heartfelt songs and a mature, rootsy sound that affirms a dedication to more than just another release. An album of 10 consistently strong songs that seamlessly guide the listener through many phases from the rocking pop opener, Easier, the funky Drowning & Man On A Wire, the folky The Mirror Never Lies & Simply Say Hello, interspersed with the warm trippy grooves of A Smile Away & Clear Down Here. Ending with the soulful closer Something Like the Blues. 
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Fraz - Hear

In 2001, Fraz's contribution to the Canadian musical landscape brought us one of the most ambitious indie releases of that year and confirmed him as an intelligent songwriter bent on expanding the limits of what popular music can be. Two Worlds was the first promoted release, however radio stations immediately took the the rythmic grooves of Days in the Sun and the quirky, pshycedelic Slipping. As a debut, this recording was considered a bit of a masterpiece for Fraz and continues to this day to be a statement that defines his sound.
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“Hear” challenges the usual rock & pop camp and offers a sound that boldly explores, entertains and satisfies.

Choice Cuts: February 2002

Fraz is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter entrenched firmly in the pop vein. Hear is an upbeat and uplifting collection (“Dream big / Dream bigger still” is a representative lyric), relentlessly romantic even when exploring the darkness. Highlight Tracks: “Private Room” is an interesting twist on modern romance, offering the perspective of cyber-lovers “Asked her her name and she only answered with : )

“Perfect,” meanwhile, is a radio-ready single and a fine opening number, illustrating Fraz’s keen ear for pop melodies... 

Adam McKibbin, Music reviewer / Suite 101.com


Absolutely "Perfecto"! There is a lot of interesting instrumentation in this diverse collection of progressive pop-rock material, starting with the quirky banjo intro on the opening track, 'Perfect'. Most of the songs from this co-founding guitarist-vocalist of Toronto’s Banana Moon are commercially viable in the catchy guitar riffs, powerful keyboarding on B3 and piano and solid bass.The CD has a schmaltzy mid-’60s ‘love song’ sensibility at times, but that is offset by the use of unusual instrumental insertions. Fraz has mastered a variety of guitar-playing techniques, and I especially enjoyed the blend of classically-styled acoustic guitar in 'Everything Comes Down'.There’s no chance of becoming bored, as each track retains an individuality of its own and there’s bound to be at least a couple of songs that would appeal to every listener. There is even a Spanish-English “lounger” at the end, purringly vocalized by Cowgrrl, and complemented by Norm Garrioch on sax, live audience applause, laughter and clinking of glasses. The “clincher” is the sound of someone “flipping through a radio band” followed by a needle left in the final groove of an old phonograph – yes, absolutely “Perfecto”! - Diane Wells / 701.com 


...at the end of the day there will be one gem that still remains in my CD collection as well as my head. "Hear" is more satisfying than a thanksgiving dump. I'm sure it must have been a huge relief to get that one out. This one sets the world on it's ear, but is the world ready for Fraz?  Brian Bethel /Canterbury Rag.


This cd moves very nicely from one song to the next - a lot of ground is covered and it's a terrific ride!

Jamie Browning, singer songwriter


This is the best Fraz to be found. I've been a fan since I heard his earlier collaborations. His solo debut shows soul, intensity and imagination. Good listening in the car. Jesse Stewart - Sunesis